Bravura Security Debuts Bravura Safe

March 28, 2022

Provides a quickly implemented solution for the explosion of unmanaged employee passwords and secrets that pose the greatest cybersecurity risk

CALGARY, Alberta – March 28, 2022 – Bravura Security, a leading cybersecurity software provider focused on enterprise identity, privileged access, and password management, today unveiled Bravura Safe, the newest addition to the Bravura Security Fabric. This enterprise password safe provides a central, secure and consistent tool that manages the multitude of decentralized employee passwords, secrets, and files throughout an organization to protect against the leading cause of cyberattacks. 

“While cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated, username and password is still the number one source of breach into an organization.” says Nicholas Brown, CEO of Bravura Security. “The fact is that employees can have as many as 30-100 passwords for both business and personal accounts. That’s an impossible volume of passwords to remember which leads to predictable and insecure password practices like using personal credentials for business accounts, reusing, sequencing and stashing passwords. And please, no sticky notes. Bravura Safe empowers organizations to tie up the large volume of insecure decentralized passwords to quickly reduce their cybersecurity risk. Bravura Safe enables employees to effectively and efficiently manage passwords with an easy-to-use application that automatically improves password hygiene and security across the organization.”  

Bravura Safe complements existing core password management solutions. It enables employees to securely share time-bound passwords for new accounts, encryption keys for files, or entire files without them being leaked or intercepted – and while only having to remember one password.

Bravura Safe features several powerful capabilities, including: 

  • A consumer-friendly user interface to easily create and manage passwords without IT support
  • The ability to teach and empower employees to take action to correct weak or insecure credentials they use  
  • An IT-friendly “load and go” architecture for swift implementation
  • Flexible SaaS deployment
  • An encrypted repository provides better visibility and easier management to delegate passwords to departments and lines of business while retaining centralized governance
  • Compatibility with the Bravura Pass, Bravura Identity, and Bravura Privilege 

To learn more about Bravura Safe and how to securely manage your decentralized passwords, secrets, and files to protect against cyberattacks, register for Bravura Security’s exclusive webinar on April 7 here. To learn more about Bravura Security, visit

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