Improves Institution Wide Services With Self Serve Password Management

The Challenge

The bank has a large, mobile and rapidly growing workforce which was generating tens of thousands of password reset calls monthly. This help desk call volume was growing rapidly. Unabated, this growth would have required the bank to hire many help desk staff and acquire larger facilities to house them.

The bank has a strong user service philosophy. This includes a help desk service level agreement (SLA) stipulating that support calls be answered and resolved promptly, 24x7. The high password problem call volume caused long queues and compromised service SLAs. Clearly, a solution was required.

The Solution

The bank needed a password management solution to address the high cost of internal password support. Additional requirements were to improve user productivity and data security.

The solution had to meet extensive technical requirements, including integration with existing systems and applications, including Active Directory, TopSecret (mainframe), Unix servers and more. A mature, self-service infrastructure.

The Outcome

Once the solution was deployed, users began to enroll to use Bravura Pass. In the first two years, over 80% of eligible users provided voice print samples and began using the solution to manage passwords via phone and web. In this time period, self-service password reset usage grew from zero to over 33,000 transactions per month (25% using web browsers and 75% using a telephone).

Today, over 95% of users have enrolled to use Bravura Pass. In an average month, 100,000 passwords are reset or unlocked without a call to the help desk.

Bravura Security at a Glance

Bravura Security is the only industry leader delivering identity and privileged access management across a single platform to ease implementation as your IAM and PAM roadmaps evolve.

"The Bravura Pass solution was easily and rapidly deployed across our complex IT infrastructure."

— Password Management Team Member, Financial Institution